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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Catholic Spring?

The article indicates that this guy is a Jew who "admits he does not know much about the Catholic Church."

But when has complete ignorance ever stopped a left-wing zealot? 

And continues: "he and his progressive pals have already created organizations explicitly designed to infiltrate the Catholic Church with progressive ideology, though he cautions that the time may not be right for full revolution — just yet.
“We created Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good to organize for a moment like this. But I think it lacks the leadership to do so now. Likewise Catholics United. Like most Spring movements, I think this one will have to be bottom up,” Podesta writes."

I muse, if the time is not right under Pope Francis, when does he suppose it will be right?

And, does he think that the Church has not had to continually contend with progressive ideology?

I don't like Islam, but that doesn't mean I would try to infiltrate it. I fight Islam and every other philosophy I disagree with by living my Catholic Faith the best way I can. No subterfuge.

I think this shows us, once again, that you don't have to suppose intelligence in your deadly opponents, so much as loads and loads of presumption.

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