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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Two Ways to Look at Something

My old friend, Archbishop Martin Currie, used to say that there are two ways to look at things pastorally - as problems or as opportunities. I think about that a lot.

So when big things erupt like the contraception mandate in the U.S., the abortive sex-selection thing here in Canada, etc., etc., for as objectively bad - evil - as these things are, these are also, in fact, opportunities to get the message of the Gospel out to a people who would otherwise be completely unaware of it. How many Catholics in the U.S. have suddenly been made aware that their religion thinks contraception is sinful? I bet just thousands upon thousands.

How many people do you think know what partial-birth abortion is - and that it is legal? Getting the message out... something to think about, especially for us bloggers.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Canadian Bishop Trivia

Did you know that our Bishop Dowd of Waiting in Joyful Hope is the 7th youngest bishop in the world, the youngest in the Western Hemisphere?

The longest-ordained living Canadian Bishop is Bishop Paul-Émile Charbonneau, who was ordained a bishop fifty-one years ago. He is not the oldest Canadian bishop, though. That honour falls to Archbishop Joseph-Aurèle Plourde, who is 97, and emeritus of Ottawa.

There are only three vacant dioceses in the country - St. Paul, Alexandria-Cornwall and Timmons.

Did you know that our Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Quintana, was formerly nuncio in Nepal, and before that India, and was ordained a priest of Compostella, Spain - and that he was ordained priest by Bl. Pope JP II and, over twenty years later, consecrated a bishop by the same pope?

(All of these facts courtesy of

Stockland on Gravel

Peter Stockland has an excellent article at the Catholic Register here about Fr. Gravel's _________ position on euthanasia.

I wouldn't dare describe this position; Fr. Gravel is really testy about adjectives. I can't risk being sued. I'm just a poor layman. Yet, of course, only stupid people would confuse being pro-abortion and pro-choice. Me, I would never confuse being pro-euthanasia and pro-medical assisted suicide. Duh.

You might want to check out Charles Lewis' too on suffering. It's here. God bless him.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day: What a Surprise, Montreal

You ever seen people mobilized in Montreal? Ever seen the clergy? Without reading further, and even if you have been living under a rock for forty years, it's a good bet this isn't to stand up for life...

I am going have to sit with this one for a while. I hope The Register's Michael Swan has made a mistake here. I thought with the elevation of Archbishop Lépine the days of embarrassing the Kingdom of God by praying for the Montreal Canadiens were over. Nope. Today we're going to ring the church bells to protest the Harper Government's neglect of the environment:

The Assembly of Quebec Bishops has alerted pastors and the faithful that they want church bells ringing out at 2 p.m. across the province in support of Earth Day protests. Montreal Archbishop Christian Lépine sent out an additional letter to parish priests and parochial administrators urging them to organize parish groups to take part in the protests.
Have those bells ever sounded to protest abortion, the secular government's encroachment on the liberty of Christians, the persecution of Christians in the Middle East? Nope, because those are Christian issues - only Christians are concerned about such things. Apparently there are no Christians amongst the Montreal, the Quebecois clergy.

In the history of the Christianity never has there been a time when the Church has benefited from following the causes of the day. It only prospered when it sets out on its own hard path.

I see that the SCCB has lost a few followers. Thetheologyofdad has too. I don't know why. I don't write for others - only for myself and Christ. I write exactly what I think is true and right, whether people want to 'follow' it or not. I say this as a preface to my strong words:

Unless there is something greatly off in what Mr. Swan has reported, my disappointment, nay, disgust with Catholic Montreal & Catholic Quebec as a whole has reached a new high.

It's all in the word 'protest.'

Happy Lenin's birthday everyone.

Friday, April 20, 2012


I used to wonder why the Holy See chose to 'waste' such a great man like Archbishop Prendergast on a 'little' diocese like Ottawa. Sure, the Federal Government is there, yadda, yadda... but the significant see is Toronto, isn't it?

Well, with all the stuff that goes on in that city, surely we should doubt no longer why he is there. Like the latest,  the return of the'gay pride' thingy being hosted by one of the parishes there. For the story on last year's see LifeSite.

Ottawa is not all sunshine and roses... or should I say tulips? Nor is at all Life Chain and other great Catholic gatherings. Ottawa witnesses the celebration of Canadian Catholicism, but it also witnesses its undermining. But where Ottawa goes, the Nation goes. Thus, where Archbishop Prendergast goes, we will all follow...


Anything interesting going on in your diocese? Please let us know...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Adding Cardus

The best thing that has happened to journalism in Canada this year was the invention of the SCCB, of course. Second-best - Convivium, published by Cardus.

I discovered that they have a blog, so I just added it. Cardus and Convivium have associated with them two great Canadian Catholics - Peter Stockland and Fr. de Souza, among others. I am sure it will make for some really great reading.

If I had $30 I'd subscribe to it. If you have $30, why don't you?

Not very Professional of Me, but...

Ha ha!


It's about time!

as Kitchener-Waterloo Traditional Catholic points out. Great job, Cardinal Levada!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some Posts of Note

Witness for Church and Pope asks about 5% dissenters and 95% dissenters.

If you are in or near Kitchener on the 28th, lend support to the pro-family rights in education movement, as John of Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh tells us.

Fr. MacDonald talks about the denial of communion - something on which most of us need to read up.

Mike Landry writes about suffering and the flu. God bless your family! SCCB readers, please say a prayer for them.

Edmund Lo, S.J., talks about Bl. Kateri, as do Sacrosancta and Archbishop Prendergast (mais, en francais).

Sex-selective abortions in Canada. Ignore that one, MSM and femos - women's best friend, ya right! Read here. Thanks, Suzanne and Fr. Moyle.

Homily Of Archbishop Prendergast at the Reception of Our New Brethren

You can read his wonderful homily at The Journey of a Bishop, or listen to it here. I especially appreciate his reference to St. Cyprian who was certainly the Doctor of Christian Unity.

Women and Careers

Once again, Sarah of The Feminine Gift writes a wonderful piece.

It contrasts well with what I've been getting hammered over on LifeSite.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

We Like...

The Dumb Old Housewives, Mrs. Pinkerton and Mrs Beazly. Perhaps some time soon they will tell us why they like Flannery O'Connor so much? Hint hint.

On the theme of great women...

I don't know, Deborah Gyapong, about bishops and bloggers working together. Is that to turn us into propaganda instruments? Bloggers answer to no one but their own consciences, don't they? I'm being provocative here in case anyone wants to weigh-in.

I see Mrs. Pinkerton and I are on the same wave-length.

Who else wants to have a meeting in Toronto or Ottawa? I was thinking about a full-fledged conference in about a year...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Christy's Recommendation

Christy at Fountains of Home reviews a book that seems right up the alley of several women I know. Any book that features two women I greatly admire - Simcha Fisher and Jennifer Fulwiler - as well as eight others, is probably a good one.

Question: who will write the Canadian version?

My Friend, Deborah!

I suppose it's big news when the news-bringer becomes the news. I mentioned yesterday about Deborah Gyapong's post re. the entrance of some Traditional Anglicans into full communion with St. Peter. What I did not mention is that she is one of them. And we can mark this great event with the listing of her new blog on our SCCB blog roll. So, welcome Deborah's Foolishness to the World - and our prayers are with you on Sunday!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Missing the Obvious

It just occurred to me, in light of my praise of Brian Lilley a few moments ago, to check to see if the great Michael Coren has a blog. He does. Here it is. Now it is on the roll.

Shame on all of you for forgetting about him too!

Blog Reflections

First of all, happy Easter, ya'll. He is risen!

One of my favourite blogs these days is Lilley's Pad, of Brian Lilley, who works for Sun Media. Check it out if you haven't already.

He is risen... so why the potty mouths? I'm exaggerating, but the blog roll does include a few instances of PG 13 language. What's up?

Amber-Faith of Catholic Chapter House has a great post on the "Titanic phenomenon," as it is beginning to be called - LifeSite is also carrying something along the same line.

Mark Mallett offers this positive perspective on life in Christ.

And, after having Easter dinner with my family, Sarah of The Feminine Gift feels inspired to write about responsible parenthood. Yikes. I'll read carefully. Just kidding... it was the blog's 'spiritual director,' Fr. Voisin, guest-posting!

A few days back, Deborah Gyapong carried some excerpts from a great article on Cardinal Ouellet's job here.

Keep the Canadian Anglicans who are entering into full communion with Rome this coming Sunday in your prayers! Deborah talks about it here.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's All About Word Choice

'Bishops' Rally in Support of D & P - writes journalist Michael Swan here. Yet the Saskatchewan Bishops + Bishop Fabbro + Bishop Rivest equals about 10% of Canadian Bishops at most. Perhaps the title should read "Fewer than 10% of Bishops Rally in Support of D & P"? That would be less manipulative and would undermine, I think, the point the author is trying to make. I teach my students to notice stuff like this. The danger of knowledge.

John of Jonah in the Heart of Nineveh records 'Education' Minister's, Glen Murray's, words, "You're not allowed to do that anymore" - i.e., to say that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. My question: Why not? Did God change his mind or something? Or does Minister Murray suppose that people derive their right to think and to say things from the Government of Ontario? His choice of words is humorous. What is he, eight years old?

Just a reminder: don't ever let anyone ever tell you what you cannot say. Freedom evaporates when we let it.

"Is that a human being?" asks Julie of Concerned for Life. What's in a name?

Are you used to 'consubstantial' yet in the re-translated Creed at mass? You know, people have suffered and died for that word. It is the finest word of all: homoousion (consubstantial is the Latin equivalent.)