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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Versus Hitlers, Near and Far

A great post by Everyday for Life Canada on the Declaration of Barmen.

If there's one thing that's lacking in the world today it's courage. Imagine trying to boss around the great Protestant theologian, Karl Barth? Wish we had more like him today! Edifying.

Where does courage come from? Faith. It comes from allegiance to that power higher than the state. Faith coupled with a truly gifted ability to reason - again, that Barth had - makes one truly impressive. To the contrary are ideologues - people whose faith lies in finite things, to which they irrationally ascribe infinite value.

Faith is the ability to die alone, poor, and misunderstood. This is something Barth had. Fear of these things is what keeps Christians in Canada from developing a Culture of Life.

Where are his Canadian disciples? Seriously. I studied with some really nice Protestants in Toronto. But, even despite the fact that I spent my childhood as a Protestant, I don't get them. Aren't they just a bunch of completely secularized liberals with a few drifting conservatives mixed in. (Intended to be provocative.) Give me Barthians, give me Barthians by the bowl full!


  1. I know a really courageous Christian but she spends most of her time in jail so very few Canadians know about her. Linda Gibbons.

  2. Why do you talk like that about the Protestants???
    I thought, the Catholics are sooo tolerant and open-hearted.
    Everyone has the right to believe in, what he want and you are not in the position to judge about other people and their religion.

    1. Laila, most of this post is a praise about a Protestant! I haven't said anything with a malicious heart. I just wnat to spur all Christians on to greater things. The praise of Barth is meant to make Catholics jealous; the criticism of 'liberal' Protestants is to make Protestants jealous. Jealous for greater things, in the sense in which St. Paul sometimes uses it.
      Open-hearted doesn't mean empty-headed. Let us love and, in our love, wish greater and greater things for the brethren!
      And tolerant doesn't mean having no opinion. If I love my Catholic Faith I want others to share in it.