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Friday, September 4, 2015

Editorial: EOTT Exposed

Special Editorial: Gregoirev Sanctus 
Editor-in-Chief, SCCB


By now millions of Catholics have woken up to the news that popular news source, Eye of the Tiber, is not what it has pretended to be. In an interview with the Catholic News Agency, EOTT Founder, S. C. Naoum, has confessed to "making stuff up," and that it is actually satirical and not a news site at all.

The deep shock of these millions of trusting Catholics was treated with a kind of cavalier dismissal, evocative of the kind of apathy one might associate with history's greatest sociopaths, people like Hitler, Stalin, Caligula and Jerry Lewis. To journalist, Mary Rezac's, question, "How often do people think EOTT is a real news source?" he replied coldly, "Very often. [Awkward silence]. Is there a follow up to the question?"

While authorities were not certain whether charges would be laid against Naoum - or what kind - when SCCB contacted Baltimore's state's attorney, Marilyn Mosby, she said she would not "Rule out that possibility just yet."

Meanwhile Catholic parents are reeling from the news, trying to figure out how to undue the damage EOTT has caused in their own families. "Now I have to tell the kids that Lord Sauron is not, in fact, the head of the LCWR," said distraught parent of four, Andrea Arnagon, referring to a story carried by EOTT in September 2013.

Catholic school teachers have found themselves in a similar position. One teacher, Mr. John Acorn, grade nine history teacher in the West Clysdale District of the city said that, "I will have a heck of a job trying to get kids to take me seriously - to take history seriously - seeing that I used the EOTT piece on Adam's midlife crisis in class. "What am I supposed to do with all those macaroni-art sad Adam faces now?"

As editor of SCCB, I have said many times that Catholics have to be more discerning when they go online. When you want real Catholic news go to reputable sites like SCCB and Fox News. If you want satire, you can't do better than LifeSiteNews.

I am just sorry that so many had to be hurt for this lesson to be learned.

What you Heard Was... What I Meant Was...

Ohh, so when I said that I am Catholic,

what you heard was, I think all religions are the same, but I just happened to be born to an Italian, Polish or Irish family, I like getting drunk on St. Patrick's Day and I think JFK was a great president. But I really think that it's what's in the heart that counts and that everyone can be a perfectly good person without God and without the teaching of the Church...

But what you failed to realize is that I was not born into a Catholic family. I converted after a long, diligent, thoughtful search...

So when I say I am Catholic, what I really mean is I became Catholic because I think it is the best religion; I think it is better than your religion. Because if I did not think this I would not have become Catholic and would not go around saying I am Catholic. Rather,  I would say other things like, "I am of the same religion as you," or "I have no religion." You see?

So hate me if you must - and there is a lot to hate - but just don't misunderstand me, k?

But, you have to admit, don't you, that it's kind of stupid to expect people not to actually believe in the things they say they believe in, right?

Of course, maybe I'm wrong and Catholicism isn't the best religion. But please don't expect me not to be true to my beliefs!